Our Story

Our Story

As a child, I have cherished memories of watching my sisters diligently crafting homemade zobo whenever they had the opportunity. The enchanting taste and invigorating effect of this remarkable beverage became etched in my mind, akin to the exhilaration one feels when accomplishing a significant milestone.
This enduring impression stayed with me over the years, fueling my passion for zobo. In 2021, amidst the challenging times of the global pandemic, I sought solace in my love for cooking and the therapeutic nature of creating beautiful culinary experiences. It was during one of these moments that inspiration struck me to pair a drink with my gastronomic creations. Naturally, zobo emerged as the perfect choice.
To my amazement, when elegantly poured into a wine glass, it emanated an air of sophistication that sparked a visionary idea within me. Without hesitation, I shared my concept with a close friend the very next day. Their enthusiastic response and willingness to be the first to purchase a set of 12 bottles for experimentation validated the potential of my vision. Through relentless dedication and countless trials, I tirelessly refined the recipes and explored various flavor combinations until I achieved the pinnacle of taste and quality that I proudly present to you today.
The sheer delight of sharing this extraordinary creation with you fills my heart with immeasurable joy. I am confident that each sip you take will evoke the same sense of pleasure and fulfillment that has accompanied me on this remarkable journey.

Growing up as a child, I recall my sisters making zobo at home whenever they had the time. The feeling from siping this drink is better experienced than explained. The blend of ingredients used gave a wholesome and rich taste leaving me feeling so refreshed. It was like the feeling you derive from a great achievement in life.
The thought of that feeling hasn’t left me till date.

Sometime in 2021, during the pandemic, while I was doing one of the things I find so therapeutic, cooking and plating food, I decided to pair a drink with it. I made Zobo, poured it into a wine glass, and boom it gave that classy look. I said to myself, this could be a thing.

The next day I shared it with a close friend and immediately he loved the idea and purchased my first set of 12 bottles for experimenting. I tried different recipes and finally came to this perfection.

It now gives me so much joy to share this greatness with you.

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